What’s Our Purpose?





It’s been one of those weeks. I don’t think I can get out of bed in the AM, but it’s gotta happen. My grandmother suffered a massive stroke, and my mother apparently had a heart attack at some point and is at the hospital on the same floor. What I’m feeling now is so intense, and all I can think about is how much I deeply love my family and how resolved I am to change for good.

I want more than anything to take care of my family — to truly be there for every precious minute that I possibly can. Life is so short. I’ve heard this all of my life, and it really makes sense now. It made sense before, but seeing two people whom I deeply love suffer and look so frail has completely broken me. It makes all of the stupid things that I fill my time worrying about seem ridiculously pointless.

We’re all going to have to look Jesus in the eye and account for our time. It’s a scary thought if that time wasn’t spend helping others as much as possible. By serving others, we serve our Father. I’m saying this because I’m really seeing the point of it all. That “cup of water” given to the thirsty, that kind word spoken to someone who is hurting. Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed by the precious friends who are praying for my family. Their words are like honey — they are worth more than the rarest of gems…

There’s so much more to life. There’s other people who are waiting on the divine hand of Providence to grant them peace and help in a time of trouble. I’m ready to put this into action. My upline coach always stresses the importance of developing SOLID relationships with people — helping them as much as possible. And her goal is really powerful. I’m starting to see life in a completely different sense…in terms of that cosmic question, “What are we here for?” Is it for wealth, fame, self-worth? All posh if you consider that we’re all going to account for our time spent on this earth.

Words. Actions. God says that we’ll recognize Christians by HOW they live, and this has really convicted me. I’m not going to worry about money or image anymore because I know that God is going to meet my needs if I keep the focus on doing His work. The image of Christ is success enough.

 Viewing the temporal, vulnerable state of our existence is a powerful thing. I humbly ask for prayer and that you let me know of any prayer requests. I can be reached here or at cafegirl777@gmail.com.

Here’s to hoping for a better week!


Best Rewards Shopping Programs…EVER!

Dear All,

I’ve really gotten jazzed about rewards shopping, and so far I’ve found an awesome one to share with you guys, and that is Extrabux.com. What’s so great about it? Well, for starters, you’ll get $5 just for signing up! Then, you can enjoy amazing discounts on products ranging from groceries to footwear. If THAT doesn’t excite you enough, then you should also be aware that you will receive 5 extra handy buckaroos for every friend that you refer to Extrabux.com. Your savings will be deposited into your PayPal account (or any payment method that you choose), OR you can even donate to charity! Yep, this program seems to be a proverbial win/win. I’m pretty excited. 😉 You can sign up at the link below!


I’ll have more news and notes for you in the AM. Peace and love~!

–Katie ❤

Spring Cleaning 101: Life on a Budget

OKAY, so it’s been a little while since my last post, and let me say that I’ve missed each and every one of you dearly. My readership is highly valued. Don’t you forget it! 😉

I’ve finally completed my M.A. graduation requirements. It’s been a long road, but I’m ready to click my heels and “pow” have it over! ❤

AND things in my life have straightened themselves out. I’m 1000% jazzed about my line of work, and my job search is OVER! I’m still in the business world, but my attention has turned to shopping rewards programs and couponing. No more MLM, direct sell, or anything like that (happy sigh). I’ve joined an INCREDIBLE network for shopping rewards, and I’ve uncovered a GOLD mine of money-saving ideas here lately, namely a newfound obsession with drugstore bargains. I’m serious.

Today, I scooped up some incredible liquid makeup (RIMMEL), lipstick, nail polish, and shampoo for under $8. Yep, I’m pretty proud of that. *WOOT* I’m having the time of my life uncovering ways to stretch our funds and S-A-V-E. It’s a win/win since more $$ means fewer hours at work. If I can offer you ANY advice– be it jobs, contract work, or more insight into what I do as a marketing mommy, I’m always here to help — and I DO mean help. I don’t pitch, scam, or harass, so be prepared to be genuinely HELPED.

Now, off for some sweet slumber next to my little miracle. ❤

In Honor of My Dad on Veteran’s Day: A Tribute of Love Written by My Mom

My Mom wrote this heartfelt letter to Dad in honor of Veteran’s Day. We are so grateful for his (and every soldier’s) service to our country. We love you so much, Dad, and deeply appreciate what you have done (and continue to do) as you defend our freedom.



Veteran’s Day—Monday, Nov. 11, 2013– (originally Armistice Day)–ultimately expanded to include the recognition and celebration of all military veterans. It is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which is the set aside to remember those individuals who died while serving their country.

On this Veteran’s Day, our family would like to express sincere gratitude to all those men and women (past or present) for their military service.  We expressly remember and honor the heroism and sacrifice of so many brave Americans who were either killed or wounded while in the service of our country.

Today, our family reflects on the overall strength and dedication of so many individuals who presently serve or who have served, at some point, in our armed forces.  A few of our family members who immediately come to mind include: my dad (USN, 1946-1948–post World War II and USAF, 1949-1953-incl. Korean War, Pacific); my father-in-law (USN, 1944—1945-World War II-combat, Pacific); great-uncle (US Army, World War II-incl. Normandy Invasion, 1944); my brother (USAF, 1972-1976); finally, my husband (USN, 1972-1975-Pacific, and also, Army National Guard-TX-1987-present).

Without undermining the service or sacrifice of other brave Americans, our family would like to extend our thanks to SFC Lloyd E. Tilbury (husband, father, father-in-law, and grandfather) for his many years of service to his country. He will retire, Lord willing, in a few short months (2014) after a combined total of thirty-one years of military service. Those of us who know him so well are reminded of his personal humility; he has never sought any special recognition for himself.  However, we would like to publicly acknowledge our appreciation to him for his many accomplishments and sacrifices.


Tribute/Letter to SFC Lloyd E. Tilbury


Dear Lloyd, Dad, and Granddad,

We want to congratulate you on your upcoming retirement (2014) after completing thirty-one combined years of service. Enduring so many (military) separations over the years has not been particularly easy. Whether it was monthly drills or annual camps (often involving weeks of overseas travel), we always greatly missed you. Some of us vividly remember the many days you spent away from us during the Red River flooding in Texas in 1991. We further recall those forty-five days that you and your unit assisted the victims of Hurricane Ike (2008) in East Texas. Yet we were never as proud as when you served that entire year (2005-2006) in Iraq and Kuwait on the Operation Iraqi Freedom mission. Although not directly involved in combat, you, along with your fellow troops, provided much needed expertise within the support and maintenance units.  We also knew that your compound had been mortared by the Iraqis; you were subsequently transferred to a “safer” location within Iraq. However, despite your final move to Kuwait, we were keenly aware of the potential dangers you faced in that part of the world. Furthermore, it must have been really tough for a fifty-one year-old man to live in desert tents for months at a time with little or no privacy. Enduring daytime temperatures that often soared to over 130 degrees must have been extremely difficult for you.

Yet despite such hardships, God provided for all of us, and we are eternally grateful to Him for His blessings. We continue to pray earnestly for the peace and safety of all those brave men and women, who faithfully carry out their duties every day. All branches of the military (full-time Armed Services, the Reserves, and the National Guard) operate together, helping to maintain our freedom and providing assistance for all Americans. So, on this Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2013, we honor all veterans, including you, SFC Lloyd E. Tilbury. We thank you for your service, and we love you dearly.

Love always,

Jeannie, Kristen, Kaitlin, Billy, and Faith