Networking Niceties: The Value of Support Systems in DS Companies

12193781_10100476130757746_7873075486611397163_n    Hello, Lovelies!

I hope that you had a blessed and perfectly perfect weekend in every way! My little was dressed like a kitty, and she loved it except for the face-painting part! There’s nothing like this time of year. I’ve definitely had a good weekend and week as a whole since I spent a lot of time reviving my direct sales businesses. As I did so, I came across a COTM group (see previous post) that changed my entire perspective. I came to realize that, more than ever, we as reps need to be helping one another. After all, how can we expect the public to purchase our products if we ourselves don’t take the time to support one another when we can?

Of course, it’s impossible to ALWAYS make a purchase for a ds rep, but the overall community of direct sales truly should start from within. As we choose a company, it’s so crucial to form networks with others since we, of all people, “get” the challenges of initiating and closing a sale. It’s tricky, and good word-of-mouth is absolutely essential. I’ve changed my entire focus and am now completely committed to encouraging, promoting, and purchasing from other reps when possible. For instance, I don’t need to hit the drugstore for makeup when I have a fellow consultant who would likely value that business! Of course, we can’t purchase everything from other reps, but supporting when we are able will breathe new life into direct sales…Building that community and exchange of opportunity would make a huge difference!

I’ve met so many incredible ladies this week who are also “catching the vision” of what I’m doing in the vast realm of marketing, and it’s been a blessing to share my passion for ds with them and to help them in any way I can. Here’s to hoping for a productive, exciting, and encouraging week as we work our business. Never forget your “why!” Mine is right beside me, cuddling and snuggling as the rain drizzles down. ❤

Much Love and Blessings for the Week Ahead,