Needing a Change…

Hello, friends,

I wondered if I might borrow a second of your time…

Due to everything that’s been going on, I’ve had to place some things waaay on the back burner…I’m updating because I’m facing so many challenges and need some changes. Basically, I’m having trouble finding the time to work as much as I’d like. I’m determined to therefore grow my Beachbody business so that I can REPLACE my income while giving back 50% of all earnings to missions. Sound impossible? With God, all things are possible, so here’s where this is going:

I’m looking to work extensively with two individuals so that they can achieve Emerald coach status by summer. The group is “30 Days to Emerald” and will get you on the path to success in healthy living by helping and encouraging others. If you’re looking to supplement or replace your income (as I am), then we’re just going to do it! 🙂

First two commenters will receive Shakeology and tons of information. I hope that you will consider as I would absolutely love to have you on board as we seek to change so many lives, starting with our own. This business is HIS, so it’s time to trust that He will help us in all things as we seek better lives for ourselves, our families, and for each other.

Working at Home: The Plain Truth

There’s a LOT (I mean a LOT) of hype out there regarding the whole concept of “Working at Home.” We see it. It’s all over social media –people who appear deliriously happy about their business opportunities (typically MLM plans — Multi-Level-Marketing). But when you get down to it, you are STILL running a business. As the parent of a tiny child, let me tell you that it is a LOT of work. YOU have to make it successful. There’s no one standing over you and keeping you accountable. You are your OWN boss. But here’s the thing: Since you ARE a boss, you have to conduct your business as such. Below are two plain truths about working at home that will probably alter your perception if you’re relatively new to the work at home business circuit. For others who know the biz., well, I think it pretty much speaks for itself. :p

1. There are no set hours.

AHA. The perk that we ALL hear time and time again when we salivate with longing for a home-based job or business opportunity. But you have to think about what that means. It means that you can easily let things get out of hand and waste countless hours on the computer, basically making nothing to show for it. How do you compensate? The concept if QUALITY, not quantity. I’m learning this more every day.

I get more response from folks from a simple “like and comment” facebook pic. than I do from hours and hours of planning marketing strategies. I think it’s about maximizing your time, and after a year of solely working from home, I think I’m starting to understand what this means. It means that YOU have to establish boundaries for yourself and for your family. I can’t stress this enough. You HAVE to set these boundaries to safeguard your own sanity. If you don’t, you risk losing precious time with those you love and with yourself. So what do you do? Create your own business hours that are THE most convenient for you. Don’t listen to what other folks say about this. Only you know that’s best for your sanity.

I find that I work best at night. Period. This means that I’m shifting my focus so that my brain is programmed to teach at night after the baby is asleep. No more worrying all day about when and how I’m going to accomplish everything. I know that at night, I’m going to get it done, so I can stop worrying about work during the day and stressing out over how I’m going to balance half in the morning or half at night. If the baby is asleep, I can work. If she’s awake, then NO work — period. These are my personal parameters, and I promise that they’ll work beautifully for you, too. So rest during the times that you are free and completely devote your time to your family.

2. You’ll encounter unlimited earning potential and top training.

Look, I’m not here to bash anyone’s opportunity or upline, but here’s the honest truth: Some of this training seems like simple “busy work.” I know what you say, “But I have to keep accountable.” Yes, but is it doing that much good? How much time do you actually spend watching the training videos for your business? Do they really help your business that much, or is most of it simple marketing techniques that help you to achieve results? I find that talking to people and sharing my lifestyle have been the top ways of reaching out and sharing my opportunity with others.

People like to BUY, and not everyone is an entrepreneur at heart. A good friend of mine told me this, and it’s resonated with me ever since. I find myself getting downright frustrated by getting caught up in the hype of a business opportunity. I’m no professional marketer by ANY means, but I’m learning that staying committed to your business, building solid communications with others, and naturally sharing your products through personal testimony and fun events are the methods that usually prove effective when I’ve closed a sale.

Finally, let me close by affirming that I am NO professional marketer and have so much to learn. HOWEVER, as a business owner and work at home parent, I do want to let folks know of the reality before they jump in and become frustrated with demands of balancing work, family, school, and everything else.

I’d love to chat with you about anything and everything, so always feel that you can reach out.

Peace and love,


Learning from My Mistakes!

I’ve been a PATHETIC excuse for a business owner since losing Emerald Coach status in August, but that’s about to change. I’m going to COMPLETELY dive in and treat this as a real, true-blue business. Reading Mindy Wender’s story makes me even more inspired that I can do Beachbody FULL TIME from home, get out of debt. and help others, most importantly. 

I finally found that opportunity last June. No scam, no gimmicks, and honestly, if you roll up those sleeves and burn some elbow grease, you CAN earn a full time income. That’s my goal since I need a job that allows me the flexibility to be the best mom I can be. I LOVE teaching and writing, but doing it full time is very stressful. If you’re interested, I’d love to work with you, too, and we can make this dream a reality. We can do this together, but I need you to dive in with me

live fearlessly

get healthy

help others

and don’t hold back! 

We got this, and we’re going to rock ’14!

I’m back and READY to ROLL!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged! Goodness, this “new baby” stuff has caused me to stop, take a breath, and let myself enjoy some MUCH needed time off. In addition to taking care of my precious new baby, I’ve also been lased-focused on my Beachbody business as well as working to earn my status as a professional writer with my company. It’s so awesome to be back, and I am so grateful for your readership! In the past few months, I’ve learned a lot about myself–and I am sure of where my life is going even though it was a direction that was completely unexpected! I never in a MILLION years thought that I would be pursuing a career as a writer and fitness coach, but everything that I’ve been through has led me to this, and I am embracing it without question.


Now, for an update on the health end.

I’ve been experimenting with different diets and nutrients, and yesterday, I dove in and decided to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle in order to improve my health and help to control my hormone issues. I’m even eliminating as much dairy as possible. The cravings have been UNBEARABLE, but I’m hanging in there and looking forward to a nice, delicious vegetable sub for lunch. 😉 If anyone wants to “go vegetarian” or “go vegan” with me, I’ll plug you into a facebook fitness challenge, and we’ll do it together!


In other news, I have a TON of exciting health information to share that I’ve been working on, and I’m going to try and blog here at least bi-weekly to update you on my vegan process and any health benefits that I’m experiencing. So far, I’m really sluggish and a bit foggy from the detox, but I think it’s all a part of the “healing crisis.” A healing crisis occurs when you’re body detoxes from unhealthy habits in order to “pave the way” for better health. I’ve done a lot of research on this, and it seems that the “healing crisis” is causing some of this general “BLAH” feeling! It also frightens me that I’ve been consuming that many toxins when I thought my diet was SIGNIFICANTLY improving! I’m really enjoying this “kinder” way of eating. Image


Also, guys, I’m hosting an event for those who want to become a Beachbody coach. I started five months ago, and even if I never sold another product or signed on another coach, the accountability has been CRUCIAL for my “health makeover.” I know that I would have never made it this far had I not been so encouraged and help accountable to my team and customers!

That’s all for now. Message me at if you have any comments, questions, or any topics that you would like to see addressed in future blogs. Until next time, stay active, fit, and ROCK it!





Sugar Substitutes: Good, Bad, and UGLY Truths Exposed!

Hello, readers! Been trying to get this blog cranked out, but with a new baby in the house, it’s been no easy task to find extra time! Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about sugar substitutes and what are the absolute safest and best ones to use for you and your family. Let’s dissect a little, shall we?

Sodium Saccharin (Sweet N’ Low) Ah, I love this sweetener in a huge cup of tea straight from Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant. The side effects seem relatively low, and according to, seem to be attributed to sulfa allergies. If you have an allergy to sulfas (such as certain types of antibiotics), you’re probably better off to avoid this sweetener. Fitday also reports on the common research study of saccharin causing bladder cancer. However, these tests were only conducted on rats, and no conclusive evidence has proven its carcinogenic effects on humans. Fitday explains that saccharin is derived from, wait for it, petroleum. Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s an enormous turnoff.

Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Wow, there’s a personal story behind this one. I’m not going to be so bold and boast that I NEVER enjoy a Diet Dr. Pepper, but this stuff (aspartame, that is) is a real deal breaker for a healthy lifestyle, and I’m getting to a point where I shun the junk most of the time. When I was younger, I drank a LOT of diet sodas, and I suffered from strange spells that caused numbness. I really believe that this ingredient was the cause of it. backs me up on this, as the site reports of maladies such as panic attacks, depression, and seizures, that occurred as a result of the consumption of aspartame. Holisticmed also explores the body’s treatment of aspartame as it digests. Oddly (and disgustingly) enough, aspartame is broken down into methanol, which then changes into formaldehyde–a caustic threat to the body’s nervous and immune system. Diet Coke, anyone? I think not.

Sucralose (Splenda): Ah, sucralose. “Made from sugar; tastes like sugar,” right? Wrong. Wendy Melton, contributor at, documents the many ill effects of this substitute, which include headaches, stomach pain, weight gain, and fatigue. Melton reports that sucralose is created when chlorine atoms replace some of the sugar’s hydroxyl groups. Yummy, no?

Finally, let’s take a look at more natural alternatives. gives a fantastic list of natural sweeteners to try along with some interesting information about the “natural” sweetener, agave. I highly recommend raw honey, “Sugar in the Raw,” and maple syrup. These ingredients are minimally processed, so you’re far less likely to be exposed to additives or other harmful processing agents. “What about stevia,” you might ask. Well, gives a fantastic exploration of why stevia is not the best option in its processed form. Some manufacturers have used ingredients, such as GMO (genetically modified) erythritol and dextrose, so make sure that stevia contains ONLY the sweetener, free from goodies such as these.

So exercise caution and read those labels. What is listed as healthy and pure might not be the case once you take a closer look at those nutrition facts. It’s a jungle out there, guys, so be prepared. 😉


Agave Nectar: Good or Bad?

Food Babe Investigates Stevia: Good or Bad?

Day Four Challenge!

Challenge Day 4!

Let me say that I’m very sorry for the missing day three post. Hormones are acting up (my body is going back to its normal state, so it’s that “time” of the month), and I’ve been a bit drained the last day or so. However, I can feel that I’m recharging, and I’m grateful!

Are you feeling healthier so far? Be it starting a workout program, striving to eat clean, or just drinking more water, there are so many ways you can make a positive impact on your health by building healthy habits one at a time. I finally had a good day of consistently healthy eating even though pizza was in the house! It was so challenging not to eat three or four good slices, but I managed to eat the cheese off of a small slice, and then eat healthily for the rest of the day. Guys, I have a HARD time with deprivation—it makes me want that junk food so much more! I’m convinced that the little bit of pizza cheese I ate kept me from getting frustrated and eating a large quantity of things that are bad for me. Also, having a baby has really made me see fitness differently—I want to be there for my baby, and I feel the push more than ever to take better care of myself. Friends, you are surrounded by people who care about you, so focus your mind on getting strong and healthy! Here’s today’s power prayer, followed by our affirmation:

Dear God,

Thank you for another day. Give me the strength to continue to make good choices with my health and fitness. Help me to be kind to myself and feed my body good food, but more importantly, to feast on your Word.



I am healthy, active, and an instrument of God’s peace. I will use my good health to have more energy to serve others.

I hope that you are enjoying the challenge up to this point. I’m about to do a little “Stepping in the Spirit” workout with Body Gospel! What are your favorite workout programs? If you need recommendations, I’m loaded with suggestions. My top recommendations are ballet workouts, pilates, and anything that encourages emotional as well as physical wellness. Let me know if I can assist you further with anything!


Day 1 Fitness Challenge!

This is my post that I provided for my facebook fitness challenge! Thanks for reading!

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well” (3 John 1:2).

Day 1: So, you’re ready to take that commitment–to become a healthier, happier version of yourself! Congratulations! In this challenge group, we are going to spend 30 days working toward spiritual, physical, and financial fitness. Why this combination? Each type of fitness if dependent on the other one, starting with spiritual healing! God wants you to have a healthy mind, a healthy relationship with Him that will promote a vibrant lifestyle across the board. I’m beginning our challenge with a prayer for us and an affirmation. Let me explain a little bit more about affirmations. I didn’t understand them fully until I discovered a Christian meditation video in my eighth month of pregnancy. With affirmations, you are actually proclaiming that all things belong to you in Christ already. They are a glorious method of showing the Devil who’s “Boss,” so to speak. When you’re feeling weak, either spiritually or physically, claim that affirmation and trust God to provide that freedom. 

 Prayer for day #1 of our fitness challenge: 

Dear God,

Today, we begin a challenge for spiritual, physical, and financial wellness. As we turn to You and Your Word this month, help us to create healthy habits that will draw us into closer communion with You, with ourselves, and with each other. I commit everything to you, oh God, trusting in you to guide my steps and actions and to keep me accountable to this commitment. Help me to be an inspiration to others, to focus on creating a healthier lifestyle with which to better serve Your purpose for me on this earth. Give me the strength, Oh God, to resist any obstacles that cross my path along with way. Be with me and with all of the members of this group, and help us to achieve success that will glorify you. Amen


Day 1 Spiritual Affirmation:

I am a child of God, and there’s nothing that I cannot accomplish through Him. I will make healthy choices for myself today, bringing my mind and body into closer communion with God. 

Today, your mission is exercise at least 15 minutes without stopping and to choose two healthy meals. Then, go to the facebook challenge group and share with us in a post. Tell us what fitness program you are using along with what healthy meal options you chose. Remember, folks, accountability is KEY, and please do not ever feel embarrassed for having an “off” day. Share that experience with us–we are all here to help one another and be an encouragement! PLEASE don’t expect perfection right away! I always feel that taking it slowly is a great way to gradually incorporate healthy habits into your life that you are more likely to stick with. 😀

That’s all for today, people. Let me know if you have ANY questions. As a fitness coach, it is my goal to inspire, to encourage, and to BE HERE for you as much as possible. Have a blessed day, and I’ll see you soon! 😀